Solar Solutions

Looking for the finest solar solutions? We help you transform your home into a place of electricity independence and reduced operating costs with solar photovoltaics and solar thermal solutions

Why choose us?

E-volv serves homeowners across the country with dependable solar energy solutions for their homes. We are a company dedicated to making it easy for people to go green and reap the positive benefits of solar power. Our consultation is free and we assist you every step of the way, from financing to installation and maintenance.

  • Save money on your energy bills
  • Reduce your carbon footprint & emissions
  • Improve the Building Energy Rating (BER) of your home & add value
  • Compliance with any future building regulations

Solar PV

Solar PV (Photovoltaic) requires panels to be put onto your roof that produce electricity rather than just heat your water. The fact that it produces electricity is useful because gives you far more flexibility on how you can use it. As well as the flexibility of use it also means that you can benefit from adding a battery to your solar system to store more electricity to use it when you want to or when electricity is expensive. You will also be able to “sell back” any unused electricity to the grid through your electricity supplier


  • Convert sunlight to electricity.
  • System designed to your requirements and the positioning of the house and roof.
  • Made to last – 25-year warranty on the solar panels.
  • Positive impact on the environment against climate change.
  • App to monitor how much electricity your solar PV system is generating.


  • Save money on your energy bills.
  • Get money back for electricity fed back to the grid.
  • Protect yourself against increasing energy costs.
  • 24/7 backup with a battery for any generated electricity not used.
  • Control the system to work best for you through the app.

Solar Thermal

Solar Thermal means fewer panels on your roof but it will only connect directly to your hot water tank and heat up the water that is inside the tank when the sunlight is on the panels. This is a useful option if you have very limited roof space but does not have the flexibility that solar PV does.


  • Convert sunlight into hot water.
  • Only takes up a small amount of space on your roof.
  • Connects directly to your hot water tank.


  • Save money on your energy bills.
  • Reduce your exposure to increasing energy costs.
  • Have hot water available most of the day.