Making homes smarter, greener, and more efficient.

E-volv is here to help improve your home’s comfort and energy efficiency, reduce energy costs, and dramatically cut carbon emissions.  All at a time and in a way that you can afford.


Independent advice & solutions to improve your energy efficiency

E-volv is designed to help homeowners with decisions needed to make your home more energy-efficient, help you save money & install renewable technologies.  We will make sure that every customer gets the best technology and make sure it is installed by registered and approved professionals.  Everybody who works at E-volv is dedicated to helping customers adapt and change to e-volv towards a green future. We want to talk to you to help you make the changes you want to maximize the savings for you whilst minimizing the impact on the environment.  We will continue to help you on your journey to a more efficient and sustainable home.


Enhance your home to make it more energy efficient to provide maximum cost savings

Through a range of products and services we are able to offer you the latest technology to improve the warmth and comfort of your home.  We discuss with you the best approach to achieve greater efficiency, cost savings & provide a more renewable approach to heating and managing your home.  Our carefully selected partners install all of the products to the highest levels and to industry leading professional standards.  They will also ensure that all financial supports and grants are made available to you.


Insulation is core to energy efficiency in your home.  We can provide you with Internal, external, cavity wall, attic or underfloor insulation

Heating Solutions

We can enable your move from fossil fuel heating (oil & gas) to heat pumps (electrification).  We will also be able to talk to you about servicing your existing heating system

Solar Solutions

Whether you are interested in Solar PV or Solar Thermal we can guide you on the best solar system for your home. Just want to add a battery? No problem, just give us a call

Home Security

Make your home secure and safe with an affordable monitored alarm. You can even add cameras for further security outside or inside the home

Heating Controls

Improve efficiency by 20%

Heat Loss

Heat loss through the roof is up to 30%

Solar PV

- 0%

Save on your electricity bill by 40% or more