Your transparent and affordable energy partners

How it all started?

Founders Mike Cody & Jim McCoy have both been advocates of fighting climate change and changing the way we do things to become more sustainable and renewable.  Homes and businesses now have more options over how they heat their property, how they retain the heat in the building through greater efficiency, and how they control it with greater ease.

But that gets confusing with so many options; what are the right choices to make? That is why E-volv  was founded. A company that is designed to help homeowners and businesses with those decisions based on their needs and requirements.

Making sure that every customer gets the best technology suitable for their needs and budget all installed by registered and approved professionals. Everybody who works at E-volv is dedicated to helping customers adapt and change and E-volv towards a green future. We want to talk to you and help you make the changes you want to and maximise the savings for you as well as minimise the impact on the environment.

Products to improve your home at an affordable cost

We offer products to improve the warmth, comfort, and efficiency of your home.  E-volv provides all the solutions for managing your home environment affordably and in an environment-friendly way


Insulation is core to energy efficiency in your home.  We can provide you with Internal, external, cavity wall, attic or underfloor insulation

Heating Solutions

We can enable your move from fossil fuel heating (oil & gas) to heat pumps (electrification).  We will also be able to talk to you about servicing your existing heating system

Solar Solutions

Whether you are interested in Solar PV or Solar Thermal we can guide you on the best solar system for your home. Just want to add a battery? No problem, just give us a call

Home Security

Make your home secure and safe with an affordable monitored alarm. You can even add cameras for further security outside or inside the home