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Save money on your energy bills

We provide independent advice on how you can save money by e-volving your property's energy efficiency.

(and a free independent energy quote)

Reduce Energy Bill

Reduce Energy Bills

We will help you reduce your energy bills by making your building more energy efficient and by using renewable energies. 

Independent Advice

We provide independent advice on who your most suitable and trusted local vendors are.

Free Energy Quote

Free Energy Quote

Once you give us your requirements, your energy quote is free – absolutely no commitment required!

Your Energy Efficiency Options

Insulation Solutions

Insulation is core to energy efficiency in your building.  We can assist you in upgrading the relevant Internal, external, cavity wall, attic or underfloor insulation for your building.

Heating Solutions

We can enable your move from fossil fuel heating (oil & gas) to heat pumps (electrification).  We will also be able to talk to you about servicing your existing heating system

Solar Solutions

Whether you are interested in Solar PV or Solar Thermal we can guide you on the best solar system for your home. Just want to add a battery? No problem, just give us a call

EV Charging Solutions

You have bought or are about to buy an electric vehicle (BEV or PHEV) and now need to buy a charger, what are the options and the differences? We can talk you through your options.

Home Security

Make your building secure and safe with an affordable monitored alarm.  You can even add cameras for further security outside or inside the home. 

How It Works

Featured In

Irish Examiner

Heating Controls

Improve efficiency by 20%

Heat Loss

Heat loss through the roof is up to 30%

Solar PV

- 0%

Save on your electricity bill by 40% or more

Our Team

Mike Cody

Mike Cody

Co-Founder and Managing Director

Jim McCoy

Jim McCoy




How does your service work?

We offer free consultation services on products to improve the warmth, comfort, security and efficiency of your home or business in an environment-friendly way. In return, we get an agreed fee when you decide to proceed with your desired solution. 

Do I need to commit straight away?

No, you do not need to commit when you receive your free energy quote. Our goal is to help inform you about your options; it is 100% up to you if you decide to proceed. 

Can you help me with financing?

Yes, we have some Finance partners who we can introduce you to for helping with the initial financial investment in your building's optimal solution.  

How long do these projects take?

It all depends on what solution you go for. The earlier that you get your free quote and decide on a solution, the earlier we can help book in your local installers.  

Can you recommend installers locally?

Yes, we have a nationwide network of professionals who we can refer you to for the energy solution that you have requested. 

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